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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

End of February Updates

Hey y'all, M J here. Just wanted to let you know what I'm up to lately.

AGELESS: Enemy Mine is almost finished. I will probably release it in March or April wit a special. I will offer Volume 1, The Vampire's Journals free for probably about a week and Enemy Mine for a discounted price. Be sure to look for it. I will post a notice here when it is released and on Face Book.

I have two author pages. On Face Book just type M J Henry in at the top of the page where the search box is. My Amazon author page is at http://www.amazon.com/M-J-Henry/e/B00HI3KZ5M. The Amazon author page has a listing of all my books.

Currently Amazon has the following books listed for me: my first novel, The Vampire's Journals, my novella, The Trees Have Eyes, my Collected Short Stories, and 3 children's books. This will change by next week as I have combined all the short stories into one volume and added two other stories. I did this so that I could publish in paper back for all my sweet little great-grand daughters. I hope that y'all will enjoy these with your children and grand children as well.

If you will scroll down in my blogs, you will be able to read the Forward and Book 1 of Enemy Mine. I hope you enjoy it and buy the book when it is released.

It isn't written in stone yet, but I hope to begin a Restaurant Review in the Gatesville Messenger, our small town newspaper. Even though this is a small town, I think folks would enjoy having a restaurant review. Anyway, we'll see.

 In the meantime, HAPPY READING.

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