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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Something in the Woods

I just returned home after viewing a new movie titled Something in the Woods. This is what is considered an indie movie ... that is it was made by an independent movie maker. Hollywood has forgotten how to make movies without using vulgarity, nudity, and just plain smut. Fortunately indie film makers are stepping up and providing good movies the way they used to make them ... with no smut.

Something in the Woods is made by a group of film makers who you would have to call 'novice'. Although the names on the screen aren't going to attract hordes of screaming fans these actors are stepping up to give Duvall and Spacek a run for their money. Angela Harger did a spectacular job as Mary Hartman. When she feared that the creature would get into her home, where she was trying to protecting her children, she showed strong expressions of terror that you would expect from a seasoned actress. Child star, Kayden Grisham, played a touching scene with the creature as they 'talked' with one another through his bedroom window. And Lee Kelly provided a well played narration as his character encouraged his father to tell the story of a families ordeal with the creature that drove them from their home. 

I strongly recommend this as a good choice of a family thriller. Well done and congratulations to the cast and crew of a fine indie movie.