WELCOME TO THE REALM OF STRANGE FICTION I began writing fiction when I was still in elementary school -- but I never saved a thing. During lunch and recess all my friends would gather around to listen to the most recent offerings from my twisted mind. Now I share my twisted mind with you. I hope that you all enjoy, and come back for more. I welcome your comments at the end of each story. These comments could serve to help me to improve my writing. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS. THANKS.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What's Been Happing with Strange Roses

I've been working hard at working hard. I set some goals, namely to write a minimum of 5 pages a day and to read a minimum of 5 pages a day. Most days I exceed this by a bit and every once in a while I don't get much of anything done. When I get an idea I usually write until I have it finished. If I haven't missed anything it looks like I have written 6 flash fictions, 5 non-fictions, 5 children's stories, 17 short stories and am working on 1 sci-fi novel.

One of the children's stories I wrote is at a friends who is an artist. She is working on the illustrations to go with it and together we will try to get it published. I have sent over a half dozen stories off either to publishers or to contests. So far I have had one rejection on a children's story I wrote with Highlights Magazine in mind. I wrote it from my Chihuahua's point of view. I thought it was rather clever. I did have one of my little flash fiction stories win a little contest in fanstory.com. That was my first win. Yeah!

I plan to just keep writing. Even if I never get published, I love the process of writing. It is truly exhilarating. If I can learn enough about it, I might try self-publishing and e-books. From what I've read on the web-sites of such people as Amanda Hocking and others, it really seems like the way to go. She has recently made quite a bit selling e-books. I bought one of hers at a whopping 99 cents. It was extremely good. It was written for young adults (YA), so I guess that makes me a young adult. It could happen ... I'm only 61. Turn it around and I'm a mere child. The ladies in my water aerobics class think I'm a mere child. Of course most of them are in their 80's.

I'll try to keep everyone posted. I go into FB at least once a week to post my current status and now I've started tweeting. Love you all and God bless.

Here's a bit of an update. 9/30/2013 Wow! Time has really passed. I've had a lull in my writing and it was good to go in and re-read the goals that I set. I haven't met these goals much lately but I can always start over again. I know that God has given me a gift to write. I wonder about some of the strange things I write. Anyway, God made me uniquely who I am. I've written a new story, extra strange one for me and with some sex and language I don't normally use. I have it posted for one week only. Enjoy.