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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Did You Hear The Sunrise?

The following isn't one of my strange stories. I was going through some stuff from back in college and found a couple of copies of the Balorian. That was the college literary magazine that I worked on, as an editor. Among the things that I had published in the Baylorian, was this poem. I read it ... and I still like it. So, here it is ... I hope you like it too.

                 By: MJ Henry

Did you hear the sunrise this morning?
Such a lovely sound.
One must truly listen,
To hear the sun expound.

Were you quiet and reverent,
As the day it did unfold?
Did you pay close attention
To the story that was told?

Come, sit on the hillside
Early in the morn.
Wait and listen as the sun comes up.
One can hear the growing corn.

The spider sitting on the rock,
Waits and listens too.
He listens to the morning songs
And drinks the morning dew.

The humming bird stops his flight
To wait so very still,
As the sun begins to peek
From over yonder hill.

The morning sun reaches out
With all his shining rays,
Gently nudging all who sleep
To rejoice in this day of days.

One can hear the joyous sound
In this special sunrise,
For the news that shall unfold
Of this day and what it shall comprise.

As you look upon all things,
Listen close to the sunrise song.
Take joy in the song that it sings
Of the One to whom we belong.

And if you listen very well
I'm sure that you shall see,
In the brightness of His light,
The One who died for me.

Did you hear the sunrise this morning?
Did you hear every sound?
Just listen to the songs of nature,
To hear what God expounds.

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