WELCOME TO THE REALM OF STRANGE FICTION I began writing fiction when I was still in elementary school -- but I never saved a thing. During lunch and recess all my friends would gather around to listen to the most recent offerings from my twisted mind. Now I share my twisted mind with you. I hope that you all enjoy, and come back for more. I welcome your comments at the end of each story. These comments could serve to help me to improve my writing. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS. THANKS.

Friday, July 15, 2011


I have recently published 2 non-fiction articles. One is an article about Emily Dickinson and the other is a personal essay titled Road Picnic. To read my articles go to:



I hope you will check these out.


9/30/13 As of this date I have a story in Good Old Days Magazine (12/2012) and my story Road Picnic has been published in an anthology titled Heartscapes, True Stories of Remembered Love, published by Spruce Mountain Press of Plainfield, Vermont. I'm still working to get some of the stories I have shared here published.


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